Self-hosted BlockScout on AWS

BlockScout includes detailed AWS configs & setup instructions

BlockScout Ansible Playbooks and the upcoming AWS Marketplace integration provide several step-by-step options for deploying to AWS. This is the easiest way quickly connect BlockScout to your chain instance and get up and running quickly.

Projects may also decide to self-host on AWS and use a proxy server for additional load balancing, data caching or security.

Sites can be configured to reflect a chain's unique branding, color scheme, logos and more. See the examples below.

Example BlockScout instances self-hosted on AWS

Ocean Protocol

Project: Ocean Protocol BlockScout url: Description: Decentralized data access and exchange protocol for AI applications.

Pacific Ocean Explorer


Project: Matic Mainnet Explorer: Testnet Explorers: - - - Description: Sidechain scaling solution based on the Plasma framework.

Matic Alpha network

Fuse Network

Project: Fuse Network BlockScout URL: Description: Open-source platform for economic-based community creation.

Fuse Dashboard