🔵 Blockscout and Base collaborate to launch the first public instance of the Blockscout Redesign

Blockscout Base Testnet Explorer​
Blockscout, the leading open-source blockchain explorer for EVM compatible chains, has announced the launch of the newest Blockscout redesign on Base, a new L2 chain incubated by the Coinbase team to offer a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build dapps onchain. This new version of Blockscout brings dynamic, customizable, and open-source chain exploration to the Base ecosystem.
Base leverages the open-source OP Stack while relying on Ethereum for L1 security, and Blockscout provides a reliable open-source explorer for viewing transactions, batches, accounts, tokens, validation, and L1<-> L2 activity. The new version of Blockscout features a redesigned interface, optimized API performance, and interactive features like a dApp marketplace, MyAccount functionality, and advanced smart contract verification for Base developers and users.
“We’ve been building Blockscout for nearly 5 years with a goal to provide a reliable, transparent, and decentralized explorer to networks throughout the ecosystem,” said Blockscout founder Igor Barinov. “With the latest version, we’ve upgraded Blockscout to be faster, more customizable, and extremely developer-friendly. The Optimism team was instrumental in helping with this collaboration and we’re excited to work with Base and other teams within the Base ecosystem to premier our new explorer at launch. Blockscout empowers Base users and other L2 users to explore all of their on-chain activity and interact with the chain itself using an open-source solution."
Blockscout is designed to benefit users, developers and projects, providing a complementary alternative to centralized, proprietary explorers in the space. Newly configured and optimized APIs, a dedicated smart contract verification microservice, and extensive analytics tools help support projects as they deploy and grow within the Base ecosystem.
“Access to reliable, transparent onchain data is critical for web3 developers and users alike. We are excited to work with onchain explorers such as Blockscout to provide Base developers with solutions that make it even easier to build their dapps, and for users to easily understand their onchain activity" said Base lead Jesse Pollak.

About Blockscout

Blockscout is the preferred open-source blockchain explorer for EVM compatible chains, with over five years of production experience. The explorer offers a reliable, customizable, and transparent solution for public chains, private chains, testnets, and many other networks. With a focus on promoting decentralization, transparency, and community, Blockscout is the explorer of choice for more than 100 public networks.