Blockscout is a full-featured, open-source blockchain explorer

What can I do with Blockscout?

  • Deep Search: Find all the information you need on Blocks, Transactions, Tags and more through the integrated search box.
  • Interact with Contracts: Read and write to contracts directly from the Blockscout UI.
  • Verify Contracts: Use Hardhat, Sourcify, and other tools to quickly verify contracts.
  • Make API Calls: Make requests to a robust API using standard and customized endpoints.
  • Customize Views: Use the My Account features to add tags, watchlists and other features.

Key Features

  • Open source development: The code is community driven and available for anyone to use, explore, and improve.
  • Broad multi-chain ecosystem support: Blockscout supports Ethereum mainnet, EVM forks like Ethereum Classic, Celo, & Gnosis Chain, Polkadot Parachains, Cosmos ecosystem, optimistic rollups, and many additional public and private EVM networks. See the list
  • Real time transaction tracking: Transactions are updated in real time - no page refresh required. Infinite scrolling is also enabled.
  • Smart contract interaction: Users can read and verify Solidity & Vyper smart contracts and access pre-existing contracts to fast-track development.
  • Token support: Support for ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.
  • Decoded views: Contract method calls and logs are decoded to provide additional information within the UI.
  • Full-featured API: GraphQL provides the opportunity to test API calls directly from a web interface, and RPC methods are well documented.
  • User customization: Users can easily deploy on a network and customize the Bootstrap-based interface.
  • Modular and extendible: We're building next generation modularity into Blockscout with Rust-designed microservices.