BlockScout is a full-featured, open-source blockchain explorer
    Open source development: The code is community driven and available for anyone to use, explore and improve.
    Real time transaction tracking: Transactions are updated in real time - no page refresh required. Infinite scrolling is also enabled.
    Smart contract interaction: Users can read and verify Solidity smart contracts and access pre-existing contracts to fast-track development.
    Token support: Support for ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.
    Decoded views: Contract method calls and logs are decoded to provide additional information directly from the UI.
    Full-featured API: GraphQL provides the opportunity to test API calls directly from a web interface, and RPC methods are well documented.
    User customization: Users can easily deploy on a network and customize the Bootstrap interface.
    Ethereum ecosystem support: BlockScout supports the POA network and EVM forks like Ethereum Classic, xDAI, additional sidechains, and private EVM networks.
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