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Blockscout featured integrations

Blockscout features many 3rd party integrations. Additional services are also integrating Blockscout, including many Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers.

Blockscout Partners

Partners provide vital data, infrastructure, and contract support to Blockscout.

Metasuites by Blocksec provides an browser extension that enhances Blockscout with address labelling, transaction explanations, and compliance scores for addresses based on behavior.

Sourcify gives developers the option to verify contracts via the Sourcify API with Blockscout. Contracts verified through Sourcify will display this information on the verified contracts page. Learn more.

DPRC is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider with a focus on resilience and latency. DPRC provides RPC services for a number of Blockscout hosted instances.

Tools and Utilities

Blockscout provides links to relevant, useful tools related to specific transactions and contracts for easy enhanced inspection.

Tenderly is an all-in-one Web3 development platform. It is extremely useful for transaction simulation and smart contract development. Blockscout provides a link to transactions for viewing additional detailed information on the Tenderly platform.

Sentio is a monitoring, alerting, log management and debugging service for blockchains. Blockscout provides a link to the Sentio explorer for users who need to find advanced analytics about a particular transaction or contract, and read/search/write/fix code faster!

SolidityScan is an AI-driven tool specifically tailored for Smart Contract Vulnerability Detection within the web3 ecosystem. With the Blockscout integration, users can access a real-time security score for verified contracts on supported chains.

Linked Explorers

Blockscout includes links to additional blockchain explorers for verification and transparency on hosted instances. Self-hosted instances can choose which additional explorers to link with using front-end ENVs during deployment.

Blockchair block explorer indexes data for 18 blockchains. When available, Blockscout provides a link to Blockchair for transactions, addresses, and more so users can verify and double-check data accuracy.

Etherscan explorer is available for large chains and provides a comprehensive data source. When available, Blockscout provides a link to Etherscan so users may double check and verify transactions on multiple explorers.

0xPPL offers social search as well as transaction information, providing a connection between on and off chain data. When available, Blockscout provides a link to 0xPPL for transactions, addresses, and more so users can verify and find additional information.

3xpl is a fast, universal explorer for most popular public blockchains. When available, Blockscout provides a link to 3xpl for data verification.

Contract Verification

Contract verification integrations make it easier to verify contracts from a variety of development environments and bring in additional verified contact information.

Hardhat is a popular Ethereum development environment. Contracts can be deployed and verified on Blockscout using the verification plugin. Learn more.

Truffle provides a comprehensive suite of tools for smart contract development. Contracts can be verified using truffle-plugin-verify. Learn more.

Foundry is a smart contract development toolchain and Forge is a command-line tool that ships with Foundry that supports contract verification with Blockscout. Learn More.

Remix is a simple no-setup tool with a GUI for developing smart contracts. The Flattener plugin can be used to verify contracts in Blockscout. Learn More.

Tokens and TVL

Feeds can be sourced from several options to provide the latest up-to-date token information. These options are set through application ENVs during deployment.

CoinGecko is a source for token prices and market cap information using the e CoinGecko API. CoinGecko is a leading application which provides price tracking, volume and market capitalisation, community growth, and open-source code development.

CoinMarketCap is a source for token prices and market cap information using the CoinMarketCap API. CoinMarketCap is a popular price-tracking website for cryptoassets.

CoinCompare is a source for token prices using the CoinCompare API. CoinCompare is a real-time crypto price tracker and comparator.

Trust Wallet is a source for token icon information. Trust Wallet is a leading self-custody multi-chain platform, we support millions of assets across 100+ blockchains.

DeFiLlama is a source for TVL information through the API integration. DeFiLlama is a DeFi TVL aggregator providing accurate and transparent data.

Ad Providers

Ad providers can be selected to bring relevant, web3 based ads based on the network where Blockscout is deployed. Ad options are set using front-end ENVs during deployment.

Slise specializes in web3 ads for users featuring transparent data usage and no tracking. It is the default ad network for hosted chains.

Coinzilla is a large ad network for crypto-relevant content and are well-established in the blockchain space.

Adbutler provides ads for many different types of industries and users, and can be a good option for instances that serve diverse user bases.

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