Adding your chain to the Vera database

The Vera application does not send verification requests directly to your instance, rather it stores the contract in the Verifier Alliance DB for your chain, then asks your instance to import contract details from that shared DB. The eth-bytecode-db service is responsible for retrieving the contract details and for contract verification.

Add your chain

  1. Set the correct CHAIN_ID value and check you are using the Blockscout hosted eth-bytecode-db service. To do this, specify the following ENV variables in your Blockscout instance:


    The eth-bytecode-db has read access to the Verifier Alliance database and can retrieve stored data.

  2. Generate an API key consisting of letters and numbers and set it as the API_SENSITIVE_ENDPOINTS_KEY environment variable. If needed, Blockscout can generate and share it with you. This allows the Vera application service to trigger the lookup for verified contracts. Contracts are not verified directly when stored in the Vera database, so the instance must retrieve them for verification. Generally, the instance performs this retrieval on-demand when someone accesses the contract page. This process does not require any special access rights but has a timeout to prevent abuse. The API_SENSITIVE_ENDPOINTS_KEY allows the use of a special /api/v2/import/smart-contracts/{address} endpoint, bypassing the timeout limitation. The Vera application service uses this private endpoint to enforce the contract lookup on the instance. If not installed, the contract will remain unverified from the instance's point of view and will be verified later only when someone accesses the contract page.

  3. Share the following values with Blockscout to add the chain to the Vera application (if we don't already have a shared group, contact an admin through Discord and let them know you want to add a chain to VERA).

    1. Network name (e.g., Eth Mainnet)

    2. Blockscout URL (e.g.,


Current list of supported chains

The following request returns the list of Vera supported chains.


// Response
  "chains": [
      "id": "string",
      "name": "string",
      "iconUrl": "string"

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