BlockScout is setup to export Prometheus metrics at /metrics.

  1. Install prometheus: brew install prometheus

  2. Start the web server iex -S mix phx.server

  3. Start prometheus: prometheus --config.file=prometheus.yml


The Grafana dashboard may also be used for metrics display.

  1. Install grafana: brew install grafana

  2. Install Pie Chart panel plugin: grafana-cli plugins install grafana-piechart-panel

  3. Start grafana: brew services start grafana

  4. Add Prometheus as a Data Source

    1. open http://localhost:3000/datasources

    2. Click "+ Add data source"

    3. Put "Prometheus" for "Name"

    4. Change "Type" to "Prometheus"

    5. Set "URL" to "http://localhost:9090"

    6. Set "Scrape Interval" to "10s"

  5. Add the dashboards from For each *.json file in the repo.

    1. open http://localhost:3000/dashboard/import

    2. Copy the contents of the JSON file in the "Or paste JSON" entry

    3. Click "Load"

  6. View the dashboards. (You will need to click-around and use BlockScout for the web-related metrics to show up.)

Examples of dashboards:

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