Blockscout Redesign

The new Blockscout redesign brings new functionality, a reimagined UI and many more optimizations to the #1 open-source block explorer.

Blockscout has been serving the greater Ethereum ecosystem since 2018. During that time we've improved features and processing speed and have seen broad adoption of Blockscout across many EVM chains. We've also seen many changes in the space that demand more user-friendly functionality. As a result, we've been working diligently behind the scenes to improve the Blockscout explorer experience and build the tools, views, and features that users need now and into the future.

In 2023 we rolled out a newly redesigned open-source Blockscout explorer 🎉! The frontend Github repository is available here.

The redesign reimagines the blockchain explorer as a universal portal for exploring chain data, analytics, tools, apps, projects and more. Similar to a web 2.0 search engine, Blockscout will provide a web3 engine for deep exploration of all aspects of a chain.

Features include:

  • React frontend redesigned from the ground up to allow for easier customizations and faster data rendering.

  • Rust microservices provide code modularity and extend functionality with a more accessible language for web3 developers.

  • My Account section for customizable views, API keys, watch list, tags and custom smart contract interaction.

  • Custom transaction views break down txs step-by-step to provide insight and transparency into each action performed.

  • DApp marketplace featuring access to applications and on-chain projects.

  • Native DApp integrations will include common ecosystem tools like swaps, access revoke, and multisender.

  • NFT dashboard built for discoverability, tracking and trading.

  • API layer designed for applications to quickly and confidently retrieve the data they need.

  • Advanced analytics with a robust collection of charts to monitor network health, market data, smart contract views and more.

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