CSS Configuration & Presets

  • CSS: Update the import instruction in apps/block_scout_web/assets/css/theme/_variables.scss to select a preset css file. This is reflected in the production-${chain} branch for each instance. For example, in the production-xdai branch, comment out @import "neutral_variables and uncomment @import "dai-variables".

  • ENV: Update the environment variables to match the chain specs.

Current css presets

@import "theme/base_variables";
@import "neutral_variables";
// @import "dai_variables";
// @import "ethereum_classic_variables";
// @import "ethereum_variables";
// @import "ether1_variables";
// @import "expanse_variables";
// @import "gochain_variables";
// @import "goerli_variables";
// @import "kovan_variables";
// @import "lukso_variables";
// @import "musicoin_variables";
// @import "pirl_variables";
// @import "poa_variables";
// @import "posdao_variables";
// @import "rinkeby_variables";
// @import "ropsten_variables";
// @import "social_variables";
// @import "sokol_variables";
// @import "tobalaba_variables";
// @import "tomochain_variables";
// @import "rsk_variables";

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