Branding Configs
This page is currently in development. See the ENV Variables page for more info on specific variables mentioned below.
Note: if you've previously deployed and are updating your BlockScout version with new assets, be sure to remove static assets from the previous build (use mix phx.digest.cleanor manually delete assets located in apps/block_scout_web/priv/static folder) before updating current files and restarting/rebuilding BlockScout.
In order to rebuild new front-end assets run:
    cd apps/block_scout_web/assets; npm install && node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js --mode production; cd -
    mix phx.digest
    Theme Colors and other CSS-based attributes: See CSS Configs and Presets to set your instance to the stylesheet you want to use.
    Logos: Use the LOGO and LOGO_FOOTER env variables to direct to your uploaded logos. Logos and other assets are located in the apps/block_scout_web/assets/static/images folder.
    Coin: Customize the coin symbol using the COIN & COINGECKO_COIN_ID env variables.
    MetaData: MetaTags can be adjusted for various pages in the templates area. For the home page, tag data is rendered from here: /apps/block_scout_web/lib/block_scout_web/templates/chain/_metatags.html.eex
    Titles / Subtitles: Browser tab displays the title from the 2 SUBNETWORK + NETWORK env variables.
    Favicon: replace the current favicons located in the apps/block_scout_web/assets/static/images folder.
    Menus: Use the APPS_MENU env variable to include an apps menu and EXTERNAL_APPS to populate the menu.
    Top navigation bar: Data is rendered from here:
    Footer: Data is rendered from here: /apps/block_scout_web/lib/block_scout_web/templates/layout/_footer.html.eex
    Custom Theming: Custom theming is available from the BlockScout team. Learn More.
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