Hardware & Hosting Requirements

Resource requirements may vary based on chain size and other parameters. This mainly impacts database storage requirements. Basic prerequisites and settings can be found throughout the Information and Settings section for developers.

BlockScout requires a full archive node to import every state change for every address on the target network.

EVM chains can differ in size and requirements, these are the recommendations for optimal performance.

CPU16 core, 32 thread



Hosting Requirements

Minimums are listed for an AWS Cloud instance and can be inferred to other hosting providers.


  • 1x EC2 m5a.xlarge instance running Linux

  • 8GB of EBS General Purpose SSD (NVMe)


  • 1x RDS Database running on db.t3.large using PostgreSQL v12+

  • 500GB of General Purpose SSD (depending on chain size)

  • See Database Storage Requirements for chain-relevant baselines.

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing

  • Average 100 new connections/sec per Elastic Load Balancer

Requirements will vary based on chain. For example, these are the recommended requirements for a Harmony Explorer Node:

Setup: AWS i3en.12xlarge or equivalent, with local disk storage Storage: ~24TB (4x NVMe SSD) is recommended for Archival Explorer Nodes on Shard 0 OS: Latest Ubuntu Linux (LTS Version) Network: 100M+ bandwidth

For additional information, see:

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