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Are there any additional tutorials for Blockscout deployment?

We are currently working on more tutorials from the team. There are some user and community generated videos available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dH-ZxV1ShQ-cb7gObTXs3MtwSqVNJOqW

Where are the environmental variable (ENV) settings located?
How do I connect the frontend to the backend?

This is done through the proxy setup. Ensure you've added the API_V2_ENABLED='true' in your blockscout instance.

Do the frontend and backend need to be under the same domain?

Yes. Be sure to proxy all /api, /socket requests to the backend application and all other requests to the frontend. More info on the proxy setup page.

What are the variable settings for a Polygon Edge client?

Be sure to set the following envs when setting up a Polygon Edge instance:



Blockscout API/indexer is using 100% CPU, what should I do?

You should allocate more computing resources/cores to the instance.

What should I set the proxy_pass variable to?

Typically you should set to http://youripaddress:your_port_number. Blockscout may not work if you set to

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