BlockScout supports tracing via Spandex. Each application has its own internally configured tracer.

To enable tracing, visit each application's config/<env>.ex and change disabled?: true to disabled?: false. Do this for each application you'd like included in your trace data.

Currently, only Datadog is supported as a tracing backend, but more will be added soon.


If you would like to use DataDog, after enabling Spandex, set "DATADOG_HOST" and "DATADOG_PORT" environment variables to the host/port that your Datadog agent is running on. For more information on Datadog and the Datadog agent, see the documentation.


If you want to use a different backend, remove the SpandexDatadog.ApiServer Supervisor.child_spec from Explorer.Application and follow any instructions provided in Spandex for setting up that backend.

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