FAQs are divided into 2 sections. User FAQs cover questions that may come up when searching for transactions or interacting and verifying smart contracts. Developer FAQs cover questions related to installation, instance customization and hosting. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us in our Discord and the team and community can help troubleshoot your issue.

User FAQs

What does the "in" or "out" label mean on a transaction?
What are the different transaction types?
What is CSV export error 504?
How can I access and read/write contract methods?
How do I verify a smart contract?

Developer FAQs

How do I speed up my self-hosted instance?
How do I customize the coin symbol / name?
How do I manage deployment with AWS CodeDeploy?
What's the best way to deploy to AWS?
How do I replace missing assets/version numbers?
How do I fix the Gettext.Error?
How do I update the UI?
How can I view smart contracts using RPC?
Why are Market Cap/Token Price stats wrong?
How do I disable exchange rates?
How can I migrate verified contracts between databases?
Which Linux distro do I use for manual deployment?
Can I set RPC variable to a normal http(s) url?
Do I need to enable ws?
How to fix error message "execution timeout at pushGasToTopCall"?
How do I fix Unknown Private Network error?
How do I fix indexer timeouts or update memory to fix indexer memory errors?
How to incorporate "Add to MM" functionality