MacOS setup

These instructions use homebrew for setup. Install homebrew if you don't already have it installed.

1. Install Requirements

Use homebrew to install basic prerequisites (not including Erlang/Elixir/Node which are installed via asdf)

brew update
brew install node
brew install nvm
brew install automake
brew install libtool
brew install gcc
brew install gmp

2. Install asdf

asdf is the easiest way to install and set versioning for Erlang and Elixir.

brew install asdf
asdf plugin add erlang
asdf plugin add elixir
asdf plugin add nodejs

3. Install and start PostgreSQL-14

brew install postgresql@14
brew services start postgresql@14

4. Clone the Blockscout repository and install .tool-version from the repository

git clone blockscout-backend
cd blockscout-backend
asdf install

Check your elixir version (elixir -v) and node version (node -v). You should have the following installed:

  • Elixir 1.14.3 (compiled with Erlang/OTP 25)

  • Node v18.17.1

If there is no response or the proper version is not showing up, you may need to reshim asdf. Please check the asdf docs for further info if this doesn't work.

asdf reshim  
export PATH=~/.asdf/shims:$PATH

Once complete, recheck your versions and proceed with deployment.

🎉 You are ready for manual deployment! Proceed to step 3 in the "Prepare the Backend section"

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