Chains and Projects Using Blockscout

List of projects and links
Blockscout serves more than 100 execution-layer chains and testnets within the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. Open-source code gives all types of projects and chains the ability to spin up an instance and provide data exploration capabilities for their users.
Projects can choose to deploy Blockscout themselves or use customization and hosting services for their instances.
If you have an instance not listed here, contact us or submit a PR to add your project. Chain compatibility is considered when categorizing Blockscout instances.

Tags Legend

In the tables below, instances are tagged by network type and hosting setup.
  • Hosted by Blockscout: The instance is hosted by the Blockscout team. Hosted instances fall under the domain umbrella and receive priority support and a premium feature set.
  • Proxy Hosted: Proxy instances are hosted by the project team and displayed on the domain for additional visibility and support.
  • Self Hosted: Projects hosting their own instances of Blockscout. Many of these are self-deployed using the open-source framework without any assistance from Blockscout.
  • Testnet: Test networks, displayed in a second table below.

Ethereum Ecosystem L1: High Usage Chains

Blockscout Instance
Decentralized global computing platform supporting smart contracts & P2P apps. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
Longest running smart contract platform running the original Ethereum protocol. Proxy Hosted 🌐 site
Mobile-first, fully EVM compatible proof-of-stake protocol. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Former xDai chain, GC is a feature-rich, user-centered blockchain ecosystem. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
Sports, entertainment, and media focused blockchain. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Smart-contract ecosystem with a #1 priority focus on security. Self Hosted 🌐 site
NFT-optimized network focused on creativity & energy-efficiency. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Decentralized payments-focused EVM platform. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Networks for the secure and Universal Flare EVM chain. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Multichain network composed of an unlimited number high-performance Ethereum Blockchains. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Democratizing the payments industry in Brazil with a goal to create a global payments network. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Polygon Ecosystem

Polygon is currently using Blockscout for testing zkEVM and Polygon Edge instances. Look for more instances in the future!
Blockscout Instance
Testnet for the publicly available zkEVM. Additional private instances are in queue. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Beta version of Polygon Edge, which will allow projects to spin up a chain and a Blockscout instance with ease. Self Hosted 🌐 site
SX Network
SX Network is a L2 blockchain built on Polygon Edge. Scaling betting, DeFi, and NFT applications. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Optimism Ecosystem

We are working with Optimism to create a robust explorer infrastructure to support OP chains. Additional instances are in progress.
Blockscout Instance
OP testnet with 2 second block times and customized theming. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
A second testnet with batches sent to the Goerli network. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
OPCraft beta. OPCraft brings generated minecraft inspired worlds to the blockchain. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site

Additional L2s & Rollups

Blockscout Instance
Committee-based chain with rollup fallback designed for social applications and gaming and built using Arbitrum AnyTrust. Self Hosted 🌐 site
The Metis Andromeda network is an L2 optimistic rollup running on Ethereum. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Optimistic rollup scaling & augmenting Ethereum. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Rollup with high throughput, low latency and instant finality. Self Hosted 🌐 site
A native zkEVM Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Fork of Optimism running on the Gnosis Chain. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
Community governed Ethereum rollup protocol with a native stablecoin. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Layer 2 Rollup for the BNB Smart Chain. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Polkadot Ecosystem

Blockscout Instance
Parachain on Polkadot with full EVM compatibility. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Moonbeam sister chain on Kusama. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Polkadot parachain built on Substrate supporting scalable smart-contract execution. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Astar sister network; smart contract Kusama parachain. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Decentralized finance network powering the aUSD ecosystem. Self Hosted 🌐 site
All-in-one DeFi platform to help you swap, borrow, lend, earn, and more – all with a micro gas fee. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Boba rollup running on Moonbeam. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Cosmos Ecosystem

Chains utilizing Cosmos SDK
Blockscout Instance
Ethereum-compatible blockchain network built on Cosmos SDK technology. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Bringing Ethereum-based applications and assets to the Cosmos ecosystem. Self Hosted 🌐 site
L1 combining Ethereum smart contract development with the interoperability of the Cosmos SDK. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Providing core DeFi primitives to support free public infrastructure. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Up to 300K/sec tx speed and compatible with both Cosmos SDK and EVM. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Decentralized proof-of-stake chain based on Evmos technology. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Dehvo is a high-performance, modular Layer 1 blockchain compatible with the EVM & Cosmos. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Genesis L1
Experimental Cosmos SDK and Ethereum EVM (Ethermint engine) powered blockchain. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Bitcoin/BCH Merged Mining / AuxPOW

Blockscout Instance
Enables smart-contracts, near-instant payments and scalability to the Bitcoin ecosystem through merged mining. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
Proof-of-Work blockchain, merged-mined with Bitcoin, while running a smart contract functionality layer. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Smart contract sidechain leveraging a DPoS consensus mechanism. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Optimized for smartBCH including LNS support. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Near Ecosystem

Blockscout Instance
EVM implementation as a smart contract on the NEAR Protocol. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Solana Ecosystem

Blockscout Instance
Solana fork with embedded EVM integration creates a Solana (eBPF) VM and Ethereum VM hybrid. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Cardano Ecosystem

Blockscout Instance
Protocol that brings EVM capabilities to non-EVM blockchains like Cardano, Solana, and Algorand. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Ethereum Greater Ecosystem L1: Mid Range Usage

Blockscout Instance
EVM blockchain based on Casper PoS geared towards the new creative economy. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
Energy Web
Building digital operating systems for energy grids. Self Hosted 🌐 site
KuCoin CC
Community-based network built for KuCoin users with KCS as native token. Self Hosted 🌐 site
User-friendly, highly integrated chain in production since 2018. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Sustainability-focused chain built for businesses, institutions and public organizations. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Ethereum protocol with additional storage layer to protect content and data freedom. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Blockchain with +100k TPS and zero cost gas fee. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Web3 gateway for easy asset launch & management across chains. Self Hosted 🌐 site
High-Performance Public Blockchain Powered by the MeerDAG Consensus. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Decentralized social entertainment network that instantly rewards users. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Security-first chain featuring speed, scalability, & dedicated cybersecurity. Self Hosted 🌐 site
EVM-compatible programmability with Proof of Stake and Authority(PoSA) consensus. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Aligns the blockchain and physical world through the tokenization of real-world assets. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Chain designed for large-scale and complex distributed applications. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Stock-trading chain optimized for fast transactions - linked with Ethereum via the root hash of its Merkle Tree. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Network designed to facilitate transfer of verifiable data between centralized and decentralized ecosystems. Self Hosted 🌐 site
EVM chain with targeted 11-13 sec block time and custom node reward system. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Open, permissionless blockchain featuring programmable privacy features. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Ethereum compliant chain serving as a foundation for energy and data markets. Self Hosted 🌐 site
PoA chain supporting short block times and lower fees. Self Hosted 🌐 site
PoW chain emphasizing on-chain video game development. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Layer 1 PoW Blockchain with Liquidity Mining and Staking. Self Hosted 🌐 site
A decentralized chain for scalability, speed & low-cost transactions. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Community-driven sidechain promoting cryptocurrency as a payment model. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Light weight, Ethereum compatible, high performance, no fee blockchain framework. Self Hosted 🌐 site
NervosDAO tracks the locked CKBytes used by members to receive rewards from secondary issuance on the Nervos CKB mainnet. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform. Self Hosted 🌐 site
P2P network hub for digital assets, international payments and applications. Self Hosted 🌐 site
EVM compatible decentralized W3 POS network managed by multiple nodes. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Scalability solution with POSDAO consensus. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Content Fabric chain enables creators to store, stream, mint, ticket and trade all types of content. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Social activites platform composed of an EVM-compatible blockchain and a set of smart contracts. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Ethereum post-merge fork with POW. Self Hosted 🌐 site
Proof of Authority network originally built for scalability. Now merged with the Gnosis Chain Ecosystem. Hosted by Blockscout 🌐 site
High-transaction payments ecosystem designed for retail. Self Hosted 🌐 site

Testnet Instances

Mordor (Eth Classic) Proxy Hosted Testnet
Kotti (Eth Classic) Proxy Hosted Testnet
Shibuya (Astar) Testnet
Volta (Energy Web) Testnet
Mandala (Acala) Testnet
Baklava (Celo) Testnet
Alphajores Testnet (Celo) Testnet
zkSync_v2 (zkSync) Testnet
Moonbase Alpha (Moonbeam) Testnet
Sokol (POA/GC) Hosted Testnet
Agung (Peaq) Testnet
Tanenbaum (SysCoin) Testnet
Aurora Testnet
Quadrans Testnet
Pulsechain Testnet
Venidium Testnet
Indo Testnet
Sonar Testnet
Aiax Testnet
FX Testnet (Function X) Testnet
Scoville (Chiliz) Testnet
LaChain Testnet
Jellie (Twala) Testnet
Canto Testnet
Chiado (Gnosis Chain) Testnet
Polygon Edge Testnet
Solar Chain Testnet
Condor Testnet
DynoChain Testnet
Polygon zkEVM Testnet
Optimism Goerli Testnet
Toronto SX Testnet
Hage Testnet