Install from AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace provides an easy install option for BlockScout
Before you start, make sure you have completed the prerequisites.
1) Login to your aws account
2) Go to and search for BlockScout. Click on BlockScout Blockchain Explorer to view.
3) From the main BlockScout Page, click the Continue to Subscribe button (The parameters should be set and do not require any changes)
4) Click Continue to Configuration.
5) Select BlockScout BlockChain Explorer as Fulfillment option and Software Version 3 (both should be selected by default) and Continue to Launch.
6) Select Launch CloudFormation in the Choose Action dropdown, and click Launch.
7) Start to configure the stack. Maintain the default selections (Template is ready) and click Next.
8) Specify the stack details. Parameters filled in by default can generally be left as-is. For blank items, enter the chain parameters and environment variables to setup your BlockScout Instance.
Click next once all parameters are entered
9) Add any optional items.
Click Next after filling in any additional options
10) Review all the parameters. If everything looks good, acknowledge that CloudFormation might create IAM resources and click Create stack.
If any items do not match template specifics, you can fix by clicking previous, changing an item, and returning to the Create stack page.
11) Your instance will be located in the CloudFormation section of AWS (search CloudFormation under services to find). You can manage the stack here, including monitoring processes, updating and deleting.
Instance creation in CloudFormation
12) When creation is complete, go to the Outputs tab to find the DNS value. Copy and paste into a browser.
13) Enter the username and password from the email you received during setup (email sent to value entered for CognitoUserEmail parameter)
14) You will be asked to change your password. Store in a safe place.
15) You should now see your BlockScout instance! Depending on the chain you are running, it may take some time to index the data.
A brand new instance of BlockScout starting to index
For additional configuration options, see: