Premium Features

Custom integrations and premium functionality are available for projects looking to extend their BlockScout instances. The following features are available, with more in development.

To implement a premium feature or if your project has a feature in mind that you don't see here, contact our team to discuss the details.

🦎 Custom Themes: A custom theme helps create a seamless blockchain experience for users. A consistent look and feel helps orient the user, and custom elements like links to various related elements (NFTs, website links etc) can add engagement with your application. Maintaining a consistent presence across platforms is key, and custom themes can help with the process.

🚄 Hosting on Self-hosting can be difficult and requires a dev-ops team to make critical in-house updates and/or customizations. A hosted chain not only gives projects access to expert, dedicated technical support, it also greatly increases project visibility.

🧠 Sourcify Contract Verification: Smart Contract verification is important for transparency and interactivity. However, verification can be cumbersome when using flat files. The Sourcify integration greatly simplifies the process, leading to more verified contracts and more trust throughout the ecosystem.

🌜 Moonbeam Support: We offer support and customizations specific to MoonBeam parachain contracts.

Advanced CSV Exports: Define a time period and download chain data to csv including transactions, internal transactions, tokens and logs for any address.

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